Trump’s WAR AGAINST HONEST SCIENCE is hurting our health — and hurting planet earth

See this information about anti-science “deniers” who deny realities about the climate crisis and COVID-19:

The article linked here is titled, “COVIDeniers: Anti-Science Coronavirus Denial Overlaps with Climate Denial.”
This article is short. It ends with links to additional information about this:


Republican politicians harass and even fire honest scientists:

In Florida, an honest scientist who worked on Florida’s Coronavirus Database says she was pressured to censor the data, so when she insisted on doing her work honestly, she was fired for her honesty.  See this article:


Trump has SERIOUSLY CORRUPTED the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is using the EPA to INTERFERE WITH HONEST SCIENCE:

Even during the pandemic, the Trump regime is establishing its anti-science policy at the EPA.  The new “Censored Science Rule” at the EPA just made another advancement.  See this:


PROTECT SCIENCE from Trump’s corrupt dictatorship! We need solid science, now more than ever:

We absolutely must protect honest science (truth and rationality) from Trump’s corrupt dictatorship.  Trump’s war against science reminds me of what Stalin did in the Soviet Union! Stalin believed that his communist ideology was so perfect that he suppressed scientists who were expressing alarm at the environmental damage that Stalin’s vigorous mining, manufacturing, etc., were doing.  TRUMP IS DOING THE SAME AS STALIN!  Trump is a DICTATOR who is THE ENEMY OF TRUTH!


Trump escalates his war against science while the Coronavirus pandemic spreads:


Trump Interior Official Pushed Climate Misinformation Into Federal Reports:


Scientists’ organization denounces the terrifying muzzling of public health experts regarding Coronavirus:

The Union of Concerned Scientists  ( released this on February 29, 2020: