The “War on Terror” keeps provoking more violence and terrorism.

The “War on Terror” has provoked violent extremism in Africa:



Endless War Is A Feature of Our National Programming: On Pulling the Plug on the War Machine.  William J. Astore posted this on May 10, 2021:



Biden is training an African military in “counter-insurgency” warfare:  The U.S. military has begun training Mozambican security forces to combat an insurgency in their country. It seems twenty years of failure of the military-first “counterterrorism” strategy won’t stop us from exporting it to others.  SEE THIS:



The U.S.’s “war on terror” slaughters innocent people.  The victims’ surviving members get angry at the U.S. and want to become terrorists in order to fight back at our nation.  The U.S.’s “war on terror” actually PROVOKES more terror — and makes us LESS secure.  STOP this stupid “war” now!  The U.S. is prosecuting a whistle-blower who exposed extreme cruelty.  SEE THIS from Defending Rights & Dissent <> :

Did you know that during one five month period in Afghanistan, 90% of the people killed by US airstrikes were not the intended target?

If you did, it’s thanks to courageous whistleblower Daniel Hale. Unfortunately, once again the US government has responded to revelations about its own crimes by seeking to jail the whistleblower. Like Daniel Ellsbeg, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden, Hale has been charged under the Espionage Act. As a whistleblower, he has no chance of a fair trial under this 100 year old law, so Hale pled guilty to one count of violating the Espionage Act.  We are asking the judge for leniency for Hale. Will you join us?

We don’t think leniency should have to be necessary for Hale. He’s a whistleblower who should never have been charged with a crime. Yet, as long the Espionage Act remains on the books unamended, the government has a powerful tool to silence whistleblowers and even journalists.  Please tell the judge: Hale is a whistleblower and should be granted leniency.



Biden must radically transform the CIA in order to stop creating chaos and terrorism.  This information was published in December 2020 before  Biden was inaugurated.  Biden is still mentally trapped in a “Cold War” and “War on Terror” mindset, so he is still hurting people in other countries and obstructing peace & justice globally.  The article linked here asks, “Will Biden’s America stop creating terrorists?”  If the Biden administration really wants to stop fueling chaos and terrorism in the world, it must radically transform the CIA.  SEE THIS:



Finally on this list, I agree with George Lakey’s smart insight about how to solve problems.  He wrote, “Terror often happens when a population tries to suppress conflicts instead of supporting their expression. A technique for reducing terror, therefore, is to spread a pro-conflict attitude and the nonviolent skills that support people waging conflict to give full voice to their grievances.”