The U.S. military is THE WORLD’S BIGGEST EMITTER of climate pollution.

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The U.S. military emits more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than entire countries such as Denmark or Portugal.  However, nobody knows exactly how much, because the Pentagon’s reporting is spotty.  A Humvee gets between four and eight miles per gallon; an F-35 requires 2.37 gallons per mile.  See this article:



A friend added this information in response to another friend’s article about military pollution of the climate:  The British military emits as much as the rest of the British central government combined……… The Pentagon has a similarly large footprint: It accounts for 52 percent of federal electricity use and 56 percent of the federal government’s emissions.”

This was in response to a December 2021 article from the Washington Post



In late 2019 Joanne Dufour wrote this article for our local Thurston County climate organization, Thurston Climate Action Team:  TCAT Article on Military & Climate Change



In 1997 when the world’s nations were negotiating the Kyoto Protocols for dealing with the climate crisis (which went into effect in 2005), the U.S. government BULLIED THE REST OF THE WORLD into exempting military climate pollution that was emitted outside of the nation’s borders.  Click this link to tell the world’s nations to STOP EXCLUDING the counting of military climate pollution:



More information about this is available, but this is enough for now.





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