Let’s flip Texas’ S.B. 8 anti-abortion vigilante law to men who impregnate women without their explicit consent.

In 2021 Texas enacted into law S.B. 8.  It prohibits abortion anywhere in the state after about six weeks of pregnancy.  It delegates enforcement by deputizing ordinary individuals to sue abortion providers or anyone who “aids and abets” anyone getting an abortion in Texas.  The law offers a $10,000 reward — plus legal fees — for anyone who wins their lawsuit.  The law aggressively makes people vigilantes and bounty-hunters.

The law has two main purposes:  (1) Prevent abortions.  (2) Harass and shut down any doctor, clinic, or other service who helps women get abortions.

The law targets women.  But a woman can’t get pregnant on her own.  Somewhere is a man who impregnated her.

Some of these men did not take necessary precautions to prevent pregnancy.

Some of these men had intercourse without the woman’s actual consent (e.g., while drunk or drugged or raped or simply overruled when she said “no”).

Why not amend the law in order to hold irresponsible men accountable?

Authorize anyone to sue a man who impregnated a woman without her explicit consent and approval to be impregnated.  A man who impregnates his wife, girlfriend, or any other woman — without her EXPLICIT CONSENT AND APPROVAL — could be sued by a vigilante and awarded $10,000 — plus legal fees — as an additional way for Texas to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Unwanted pregnancies lead to abortions, so this amendment to S.B. 8 would reduce abortions.

How many of Texas’ legislators would support this?


See more information about Texas’ S.B. 8 here:


Abortion Bounty Hunters in Texas Aren’t “Whistleblowers” – They’re Vigilantes:  https://truthout.org/articles/abortion-bounty-hunters-in-texas-arent-whistleblowers-theyre-vigilantes/?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=4be7aba3-57d5-4b65-a406-57d1c950669c


Texas abortion ban violates International Law:  https://truthout.org/articles/texas-abortion-ban-is-a-violation-of-international-law/?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=4be7aba3-57d5-4b65-a406-57d1c950669c


Conservatives and Republicans like to denounce “Big Government,” but they keep demanding that “Big Government” must interfere in women’s most intimate health matters.  Conservatives and Republicans are HYPOCRITES.  They do not stand on an actual principle.  They just want to oppress women!


Texas ONLY PRETENDS to care about children!  Texas criminalizes abortion, BUT:

  • Texas ranks 50th in clinical care for infants
  • Texas ranks 50th in baby wellness checks
  • Texas ranks 50th in women’s likelihood to have health insurance
  • Texas ranks 43rd in maternal mortality
  • Texas ranks 44th in school funding per child
  • Texas ranks 46th in child hunger



A friend raised this interesting insight about potentialities vs. realities:  Anti-choice legislators pass “heartbeat” bills.  However, at six weeks (which is where Texas drew the line), there is not yet an actual “beating heart.”  Cells are only starting to differentiate and develop into organs.  At six weeks, a microscopic-sized muscle that will eventually become a heart starts rhythmically twitching, but it is NOT YET pumping anything, because it does NOT YET have any chambers to serve as pumps, and there is NOT YET any meaningful blood and NOT YET any circulatory system.  It is MEDICAL FRAUD to claim that a fetus is entitled to full human rights because it might someday become a human being, or because the minimally twitching muscle might months later develop into a heart.  My friend said this is like “saying we should allow 5-year olds drink alcohol because they might someday become 21-year olds…”






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