Stop the executions that Trump has scheduled to occur before he leaves office

On December 4, 2020, Public Citizen (, the non-profit organization Ralph Nader founded half a century ago, issued this urgent action alert:

Please read, and please take action.

  • Before July of this year, the federal government had executed only three people in the past half century.
  • But then William Barr — Donald Trump’s sycophantic Attorney General — unilaterally overturned a 17-year ban on the federal government’s use of the death penalty.
  • And in the few months since, the Trump administration has executed eight people.
  • Including — two weeks ago — the first execution carried out by a lame-duck administration in over 100 years.
  • Barr is also about to make firing squads and gas chambers legal.
  • Firing squads.
  • And gas chambers.
  • Most sickeningly of all, Trump and Barr are trying to rush through five more executions before Trump leaves office.
  • Four of the five people Donald Trump wants to execute while he still can are Black.

We have to stop Donald Trump and William Barr from carrying out their vile, racist intentions to rush through more executions before Trump leaves office.

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The Trump administration must not be allowed to carry out any further executions for the remainder of Donald Trump’s time in office.