Several powerful articles express strong concerns that the U.S. is moving away from democracy!

Americans — especially the U.S.’s politicians — like to say that the U.S. is the world’s greatest democracy, we are a beacon of liberty and freedom for the rest of the world, and so forth.

That seems to be LESS AND LESS TRUE nowadays.  Recent events have shown that democracy in the U.S. is seriously weakening.


Several articles by knowledgeable persons have provided more information about the serious weakening of democracy in the U.S.  Here are just a few recent examples:


Canadian national security task force fears the USA is ‘backsliding’ into a ‘source of threat and instability’:


Is This Country Heading for the Exit?  Three decades after the Soviet empire headed for the exit, is it possible that the far more powerful American one is ever so chaotically heading in the same direction?  By Tom Engelhardt on July 28, 2021:


GOP Is Setting the Stage for a Possible Coup in 2024 While Dems Ignore Threat:


Could the Biden administration be the next Weimar Republic?  Here are two quotations from the article linked here:  One excerpt:  “‘Many QAnon theories and violence chillingly mirror Nazi propaganda and terrorizing activity,” wrote Teri Schure in shortly after the failed Trump coup, which was been likened to the Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler’s abortive 1923 coup.”  Another excerpt:  “‘The Republicans will systematically dismantle every circuit breaker, every firebreak, every levee—pick your analogy,’ he said. ‘We are already closer to a fascist coup than we have ever been in our history.'”  Here is the article:


A report says Michael Flynn envisioned ‘a Myanmar-style military coup’ for the US – and he hasn’t given up:


A Nixon expert explained how democracy gets eroded bit by bit:


The Overthrow of American Democracy: A Scorecard for Trump’s Next Coup:


The U.S. is labeled a ‘Backsliding’ Democracy while authoritarianism also is growing worldwide:


This is alarming!  A public opinion poll revealed that 30 percent of Republicans say violence may be needed to save U.S.:


My June 2022 TV program exposes how Big Money has seriously corrupted all levels of government:


Robert Reich reported this on Feb. 14, 2022:  As early as 2012, more than 40 percent of all money spent in US federal elections came from the wealthiest of the wealthiest—not the top one percent or even the top tenth of the one percent, but from the top one percent of the one percent.  The richest 1% of the richest 1% were already funding 40% of all money spent on U.S. elections as early as 2012.



















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