The “pro-life” Supreme Court says it is OK TO EXECUTE someone who might be INNOCENT

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on May 23, 2022, hurts death row defendants whose lawyers were not doing their jobs at an effective level of professional quality. Many people have been sentenced to death after their lawyers failed to raise important issues, failed to introduce crucial evidence, failed to effectively argue against police who bullied innocent suspects into confessing, etc., etc.

Here is an article about this stupid, cruel decision by the Republican-dominated Supreme Court:

The Quaker-based American Friends Service Committee (AFSC, repeated its long-standing call to ABOLISH THE DEATH PENALTY once and for all:

This is not the first U.S. Supreme Court case that ALLOWS THE EXECUTION of INNOCENT people.  A number of years ago — in the Hererra case — the Court ruled that even if a defendant on death row has evidence that he is likely to be innocent, the execution can proceed as scheduled.

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