Big Money in Elections Corrupts Our Government

While this TV series – “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” – deals with a wide variety of issues related to peace, social justice, economics, the environment, and so forth, the June 2022 interview focuses on a strategically smart way to help us SOLVE ANY public policy problem you care about.

This month’s interview shows how we could solve big problems if we would get Big Money out of politics!  Huge amounts of money corrupt election campaigns.  Huge amounts of money corrupt all levels of government – our nation, states, and local governments – and prevent them from solving problems.

Certainly, an honest democracy needs more people to vote – and votes to be counted honestly.  Besides better voting procedures, we also need to fund elections honestly.

Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have been allowing LEGALIZED BRIBERY in funding elections.

During this hour you will learn about the problems and some solutions.

Glen welcomed our expert guest, Beth Rotman, who works for Common Cause, an excellent organization that Glen joined soon after it was founded in 1970.  Common Cause works very hard – and skillfully – to reform governmental functioning so it will serve the public interest honestly and effectively.

Beth Rotman started working for Common Cause as the director of their Money in Politics & Ethics Program in June 2019.  She is an attorney with an excellent background in working for election reform even before she joined Common Cause’s staff.

As Common Cause’s National Director of Money in Politics & Ethics, Beth advocates for pro-democracy reforms that break down barriers to participation and make our government more worthy of our trust.  Before joining Common Cause’s staff, she had helped the State of Connecticut start practicing the most sweeping electoral democracy reform program in the U.S., which included reforming campaign financing.  She also held an important legal position for the New York City Campaign Finance Board.  Beth strongly believes that – as she says — “the many can overcome the money.”

This interview explored interesting and practical ways to solve problems nationwide and also at state and local levels, so we can shift the balance of power back to the people.


Besides watching the interview video, I hope people will also read the thorough summary document I wrote because it provides links to some excellent sources of more information.




2022.06 Big Money Corrupts Politics — SUMMARY and MORE INFORMATION


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