Restore and protect felons’ right to vote

Elections would turn out MUCH BETTER if people were not denied their right to vote.  This pertains to people of color, poor people, students living outside of their home districts, and people who have been convicted of felonies.  Only Maine and Vermont allow imprisoned felons to vote, and some are allowing people to regain their voting rights after being released from prison.  Those reforms need to be strengthened and expanded to all states.

Here are some items to help with that:


SIGN THIS PETITION:  On April 28, 2019, Democracy for America ( sent this e-mail (edited here to reduce length and improve readability) and invited people to SIGN THIS PETITION to tell Democrats — including those in the running for the 2020 presidential race– that people in prison and people who have been convicted of felonies should have the opportunity to vote:

HERE IS WHY YOU SHOULD SIGN THE PETITION LINKED ABOVE:  An estimated 6.1 million people, or 3% of registered voters, in this country are banned from voting. Who are they? Citizens that have been convicted of felonies who are both in and out of prison.  Disenfranchisement of these Americans is an out-of-touch and undemocratic policy that suppresses the votes of the very people most impacted by many of our government’s policies.

Republicans target people of color and poor people for abuse and criminalization.  When Republicans unjustly convict and imprison them, Republicans benefit by depriving those people of the right to vote.  This further incentivizes the conservative right to push for even higher levels of imprisonment.


An Op Ed in the New York Times says:  “There Is No Good Reason Prisoners Can’t Vote.”  Read it at this link: