Several reasons why the right wing has built its power at the expense of liberals and the Left

The article at this link provides insights into the effectiveness of RIGHT-WING MEMES — and why the Left falls short in that:


The Left had raised the issue of “globalization,” but the Right stole the issue and converted it into right-wing nationalism, racism, and anti-immigrant hysteria.  This allowed Trump and right-wing extremists to gain power in various countries that used to be “liberal democracies.”  This article provides insights:


In the U.S and elsewhere, the dominant economic and political systems are not working, so mainstream (“white”) people feel victimized.  The right wing has promoted the current conservative ideology that white people are the victims now, so they need to oppose people of color.  See this article’s insights:


Robert Reich wrote this article on the power and effectiveness of promoting fear and hatred:


The Right Wing Has Perfected the Art of Combining Conspiracy Theories With Facts to Make Them Even More Dangerous.  See the article with this title at: