On Fri. Feb. 7, 2020, the WA State Senate committee PASSED SJM 8006 to urge Congress to reduce likelihood of nuclear war!

Today I joined a good number of members of the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and our statewide coalition Washington Against Nuclear Weapons (www.wanwcoalition.org) attended the WA State Senate hearing on SJM 8006, and some of us (including me) testified in support.

The committee PASSED the resolution, so it goes to Senate Rules Committee, which we hope will move it to the Senate Floor for final passage. Then it would go the relevant House committee for further action.

Each of us had only 90 seconds to testify to the committee about SJM 8006.  Here is basically what I told the committee:  2020 02 07 HANDOUT for TESTIMONY for SJM 8006


Our February 2020 success replicated our February 2019 success.  SJM 8006 passed the committee and got stuck in the Senate Rules Committee.  We hope for more follow-through by state senators for 2020.

Here are links from journalists who wrote in early 2019 regarding our 2019 efforts:

Seattle Weekly:  https://www.seattleweekly.com/news/legislature-prays-for-congress-to-curb-presidents-ability-to-launch-nukes/

National Blog of Physicians for Social Responsibility:  https://www.psr.org/blog/2019/02/22/is-your-state-resolved-to-prevent-nuclear-war/