Green New Deal: Excellent information and resources

The Green New Deal is a TRULY AMAZING AND WONDERFUL “win-win-win-win” for the climate, for jobs, for local communities, for the next generation, for social & economic justice, and more!


Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal proposal is hugely important!  It is a good step toward international climate justice.  SEE THESE:


The Green New Deal would create many jobs. Let’s do it now!  SEE THIS:


Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin say a Green New Deal is necessary if we want a future.  SEE THIS:


See and share this informative, supportive link:


Nearly 10,000 Farmers And Ranchers Endorse Green New Deal In Letter To Congress.  Their new bi-partisan coalition is “U.S. Farmers & Ranchers for a Green New Deal.”  SEE THIS:


Jesus H. Christ addresses Seattle Council about Green New Deal.  SEE THIS SHORT VIDEO:


This 2-minute video (narrated by Danny Glover) explains HOW WE CAN WIN the Green New Deal:



People started talking about the concept of a Green New Deal before resolutions were introduced in the House and Senate on February 7, 2019.

When that new legislation came out, I posted to my blog – – some articles from Feb. 7-8-9 that explained and supported the Green New Deal.  See those basic articles at THIS LINK:

I also posted some other articles from before February about how to pay for a Green New Deal:  (For more informaton about how to pay for the GND, see information at the end of the blog post you are reading now.)_



94 World Mayors Call for Green New Deal, Blast Slow National Actions!   Take inspiration from them and do not let the U.S. government’s negligence slow us down from creating a Green New Deal.  SEE THIS:



We can debunk the myths and misinformation about the Green New Deal.  SEE THIS:


The Green New Deal keeps gathering steam, but conservatives oppose it.  SEE THIS:


This 2-minute video (narrated by Danny Glover) explains HOW WE CAN WIN the Green New Deal:

Most Americans KNOW LITTLE OR NOTHING about the Green New Deal, but the main thing they THINK they know is that it is TOO EXPENSIVE.  SEE THIS:


Some people worry how to pay for it.  Those people NEVER asked how we could pay trillions of dollars for Dick Cheney’s endless wars, how we could pay close to $2 trillion for all of the new nuclear weapons that Congress approved, or how we could pay the trillions of dollars for the Trump/Republican tax cuts for rich people in December 2017.  The “How could we pay for it” question is asked ONLY when we propose doing something good (e.g., Green New Deal or Universal Single-Payer Health Care).
Actually, we could use Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) to pay for it.  See those blog posts on the “Economics” part of my blog and the June 2018 TV program at the “TV Programs” part of my blog:

I call that episode of my TV series, “A Creative, Practical Way to Fund Jobs, Infrastructure, Climate Cures.”   MMT is an exciting way for the federal government to fund the creation of jobs and solutions to many nationwide problems (housing, climate, etc.). You can watch Glen Anderson interview Randy Mandell (an expert on Modern Monetary Theory — MMT) at the first link below, and/or read a thorough summary of what we said at the second link. Near the end of the thorough summary you can see links to many excellent sources of information.
To watch the interview, click this link: WATCH THE INTERVIEW HERE.
To read the thorough summary and see the list of excellent information sources, click this link:






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