GOOD NEWS! WA State Senate passed SB 5339 to repeal WA’s death penalty law.

On Friday January 31, 2020, the Washington State Senate passed SB 5339 to repeal our state’s death penalty law.  The final vote was virtually identical to last year: 28 yea; 18 nay; 3 excused.

In 2019 the State Senate had passed SB 5339, but it never received a vote on the House floor.  Now during the second year of the Legislature’s 2-year cycle, the bill was sent back to the Senate Rules Committee and had to pass the Senate again in order to move to the House.

Please urge the House Public Safety Committee to hold a hearing on SB 5339.  You will find info about the committee, its members, etc., at this link:

Also, please urge the House Speaker Laurie Jinkins, who also chairs the Rules Committee and needs strong public pressure to support SB 5339.  Contact her at (360) 786 – 7930 AND by e-mail through the Legislature’s website:

For more information about the death penalty and this legislation, please contact me (Glen Anderson) at (360) 491-9093 or the Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (WCADP) at 206-622-8952