Nuclear weapons legislation — and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: Click to hear Glen Anderson discuss these — or read more info with links to resources.


Click the link below ANY TIME to hear the recording of Glen Anderson discussing nuclear weapons legislation, etc., on Kim Dobson’s “Parallel University” radio program on KAOS-FM, 89.3 Olympia.

This is an easy way to learn about important federal legislation and policies about nuclear weapons (and also the historic Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons).  Kim Dobson’s Parallel University radio program on Thursday May 11, 2021, featured Glen Anderson discussing these issues.  You can listen now or any time at your convenience through this MP 3 link:  Parallel U 5-13-21.mp3

Also, you can read the document linked below, which provides more information.  Glen researched and wrote it in May 2021.  This is the kind of information Glen summarized for the radio interview. but this document include links to much more information.  SEE THIS:  Nuclear Weapons legislation and policies need our action now — Updated to May 9 2021