Voters must push hard on Congress and President Biden to make the Pentagon accountable.

For many years the Pentagon – in violation of federal law – has NOT passed a real audit.

The Pentagon keeps failing to be accountable to presidents or to Congress or to the taxpayers.

Congress and presidents keep failing to hold the Pentagon accountable.

Voters keep failing to hold Congress and presidents accountable.

We need a strong grassroots movement.


We have known about this problem for many years.  Bernie Sanders is making a new push now.  See the article linked here.

To ‘End the Absurdity’ of Wasteful Military Spending, Sanders Introduces Bill to Audit the Pentagon


Tell your members of Congress – and tell President Biden – to hold the Pentagon accountable for our tax dollars.


Contact Biden through the White House’s website:

Also, you can send an e-mail to:

Leave a message for him through the White House switchboard, (202) 456-1414.


PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS!  I am providing the contact information for both of our U.S. Senators and for our new U.S. Representative in the 10th Congressional District.  ALL THREE OF THEM seem quite willing to continue the expensive nuclear arms boondoggles, so it is important that we contact them and tell them to OPPOSE the GBSD.  Do not assume that they understand the issues.  We must educate Congress.

Senator Patty Murray:  (202) 224-2621 (Press 3 to bypass her long greeting and leave a message.)   Write to her through her website,

Senator Maria Cantwell:  (202) 224-3441  Write to her through her website,

Representative Marilyn Strickland:  (202) 225-9740  Write to her through her website,






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