Nonviolent National Defense — A Practical Way to Be More Secure

The May 2022 episode of “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series provides powerful information and inspiration to significantly improve the U.S.’s “national security” by – ironically — de-militarizing our “national defense.”  Instead of military violence, we could defend our nation better through carefully planned strategies of nonviolent resistance.

Besides eliminating the danger of nuclear war, a nonviolent national defense would also provide better security without all of the downsides that violent militarism causes.

During this hour Glen Anderson:

  • Encourages us to think open-mindedly, boldly and creatively
  • Explains how nonviolent national defense could actually work effectively
  • Shares examples of nonviolent resistance used successfully in other countries
  • Mentions a variety of great benefits that nonviolent national defense would provide
  • Discusses how to overcome the obstacles to making this radical change
  • Encourages us to boldly pivot toward peace
  • Shares sources of information about this

Glen has been studying and strongly supporting nonviolent national defense for nearly half a century.  He firmly believe we could do this if we organize strategically savvy grassroots movements to overcome the obstacles and create a groundswell of nonviolent public pressure.  We do need to shift our culture significantly.  Actually, Glen points out that our culture has shifted in a number of ways, so we can shift it now in this bold, peaceful way.

Usually the TV programs in this TV series feature interviews, so — based on the TV video — Glen types up a thorough summary of what we said during the interview.

This month’s program does not include any guests.  Glen had written up a POWERFULLY INFORMATIVE ARTICLE with MANY LINKS TO ADDITIONAL SOURCES OF INFORMATION.  In this TV program Glen summarizes the main points down to less than one hour.

He strongly encourages people to READ THE ORIGINAL, VERY THOROUGH ARTICLE (which includes links to many more sources of information) here:  Nonviolent National Defense Would Be Better in Every Way

CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH THE TV PROGRAM, which starts with music and a black screen for about 30 seconds before the visual image appears.  


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