Workshop #1 (Sunday April 24) — Links to readings for today’s workshop

Each 2-hour workshop in this 6-part series (“Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing”) includes a lot of substantive information, inspiration, and practical usefulness.  Each workshop is supplemented with some of the best resources I have gathered (and many that I have written) in the past 50 years.

Unlike school “homework” assignments that are mandatory, these are not mandatory, but I do enthusiastically encourage each participant to read these because they flesh out the substance of each workshop.  You will probably want to save some of these for later use, because they are that practical.

Workshop #1 is titled, “The Power and Practicality of Nonviolence — “What Is Nonviolence?”

I encourage you to read these resources before you take Workshop #1, but you may read them afterward instead:

ML King’s insights and nonviolent strategies can help us now

Soul Force Principles of Jesus, Gandhi, King – List

Decalogue for a Spirituality of Nonviolence — Attractive layout

Gandhi’s Soul Force Vows

Resources for Organizing Nonviolent Grassroots Movements

Peace and Conflict Negotiations — Dale Raugust’s article in PJALS newsletter May-June 2011