Minimum wage is trapped too low. CEO/worker pay gap increases widely.

For many years Congress has refused to raise the minimum wage.

Many states refuse to raise their minimum wage above the federal minimum.

Meanwhile, extremely rich people have gotten extremely more rich.

Rich people and big businesses fund Congressional candidates’ campaigns.

We must get Big Money out of election campaigns.

And we need the news media to report more vigorously on the horrible inequality between extremely rich people and everybody else.

See this powerful image about the VERY LOW federal minimum wage and the EXTREMELY HIGH INCOMES of corporate executives:

(It is safe to open this image, even if you get a warning.)

Minimum wage and CEO inequality

Here is some more information about the federal minimum wage, which has been stuck very low for 12 years:

This week marks the 12-year anniversary of the last time the federal minimum wage was increased—to $7.25 an hour. Since July 2009, when the $7.25 minimum went into effect, it has lost 18% of its value. In its 83-year history, the federal minimum wage has never been left to stagnate for so long. Read why it’s so important to raise the wage now