The U.S.’s “democracy” is seriously weakening!

The U.S. likes to think of itself as the best democracy in the world — and a beacon and role model for other nations.

American politicians like to brag about this.

But ACTUALLY, the U.S.’s democracy has been SERIOUSLY WEAKENING for a number of years — and in several ways.

Our nation suffers many serious problems, but extremely rich people and big businesses profit from those problems (pollution, low wages, racial injustices, an out-of-control and constantly escalating war machine, elections that are dominated by Big Money, news media that favor the Establishment, Republicans’ many deliberate actions to cheat in elections by denying certain kinds of people the right to vote and by gerrymandering districts in ways that allow Republicans to dominate state legislatures even if they win a smaller number of votes, etc.).

For many decades the U.S. government has overthrown other nations’ democratically elected governments, installed dictators, and armed dictators and death squads that slaughtered their own citizens who wanted fairness and democracy.


See this article about Biden’s phony “Summit for Democracy”:

In December 2021, President Biden held a “Summit for Democracy,” but excluded leaders from the the democratic nations that the U.S. government does not liked — and welcomed some authoritarians who obstruct honest democracy in their own nations.  The article at the following link explains that the biggest enemy of the basic democratic rights is the U.S. government.  See this article, which was posted on December 15, 2021:


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Unaccountable Institutions Are Ruining Democracy—and Your Life.  If abuses of power go unchallenged, those who wield power will continue to consolidate it. It’s a vicious cycle that erodes faith in democracy and breeds cynicism.  Robert Reich November 24, 2021 by


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