Let’s add humor to our organizing movements in order to make more progress

Most of our anti-nuclear organizing efforts rely upon hard facts (often scary, alarming facts).  But other methods (art, music, etc.) can reach people in deeper, more personal ways that hard facts can’t.  We do not use humor often enough.  It has great potential to cut through what is entrenched and open people up to see things in totally fresh ways.  We need such freshness in order to escape the deadening oppression that the nuclear arms race has imposed upon society.

Let’s consider how we might use humor to reach out to the public, the media, and politicians, and the military-industrial complex itself.

What clever – and potentially useful – strategies, jokes, poems, media (e.g., films such as “Dr. Strangelove” and “The Russians Are Coming!  The Russians Are Coming!”) could help us communicate effectively and build the abolition movement?  What clever examples of guerrilla theater, stand-up comedy, etc., could help us reach more people to inform and mobilize them to oppose nuclear weapons?

The following link is safe, so you may disregard any warning about a safety danger:

This cartoon is a clever current example:

Cartoon — Alexa Lunch Launch













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