The U.S.’s defeat in Afghanistan reveals the ongoing decline of U.S. empire.

For many decades, politicians have been telling the American people that the U.S. is the strongest nation on earth — the mighty protector of peace and democracy and human rights and freedom — and that our military is the strongest and most powerful.

But we keep losing wars — including our losses to poor nations such as Vietnam and Afghanistan.

The U.S. Empire is a sham — a “Potemkin Village” — but despite its gross ineffectiveness, both political parties vigorously fund more military violence.

When the U.S. clearly lost its 20-year war in Afghanistan, several savvy persons wrote articles such as these:


The decline and fall of the Roman… whoops!… American empire:  By Tom Engelhardt – September 7, 2021 —


Another article about the collapsing U.S. empire:


Belief in America as the “Indispensible Nation” Is Bullshit—And Always Has Been.  The United States has a war problem. And just about no one is keen to talk about it.  Andrew Bacevich wrote this smart article, which was posted on  August 5, 2021 by TomDispatch:


This article says American empire is dying from within.  We’re suffering monumental problems but not offering real solutions, while we are caught up in a state of regression:


20 years after 9-11-2003, the U.S.’s “national security” policies are all screwed up. This link offers better strategies: