A growing movement asserts that the environment (rivers, forests, wildlife, etc.) has legal rights!

Very often, legal cases are dismissed because of lack of “standing.”  The “standing” concept is a legal matter about whether someone has actually been harmed by the abuse they want to challenge in court.  If the plaintiff has not been personally harmed, the case is thrown out.  Now in recent years a growing legal movement has been affirming the rights of Nature, so that rivers, forests, wildlife, etc., should be recognized as having “standing” and can sue to protect their interests.

A few South American nations have written this into their new constitutions.

This article provides information:

Does Nature Have Rights? A Burgeoning Legal Movement Says Rivers, Forests and Wildlife Have Standing, Too

Climate change and environmental destruction have inspired court cases around the country—and the globe—aimed at protecting the natural world.

By Katie Surma September 19, 2021