Legal Rights for Nature: See these videos and articles

The concept of recognizing legal rights for nature is growing worldwide.  Here are some recent resources:


My January 2022 TV interview makes a solid case that is easy to understand.  You may watch the TV interview video and/or read the thorough summary I typed up with links to additional information.  Here is the link:


The progressive populist Jim Hightower wrote this article recently:


Panama made good progress on this recently:


A brief introduction to this video says this: “Western views and the legal system tend to view nature as property, and as a resource from which wealth is extracted, a commodity whose only value is to provide for human needs. But for millennia indigenous communities have viewed themselves as part of nature.”  Watch this 53-minute video:


Watch Patricia Siemen’s TED Talk about the rights of nature:


Mumta Ito’s central theme in this TED Talk is that by enshrining Rights of Nature in law, we protect the environment that we all need for our very existence: