Gun violence: These facts and numbers are alarming.

Many non-profit organizations are working to reduce gun violence.  Here are some alarming facts they have provided recently:


I’ve seen from many sources that the National Rifle Association (NRA) is the aggressive lobby for gun manufacturers, but it does NOT represent the views of ordinary gun owners.  Guns Down America ( reported these facts:

“[T]he vast majority of gun owners actually support most popular gun reform legislation.”

ALSO:  “86 percent of gun owners support requiring background checks for all guns sold in the United States.” 

ALSO:  According to a recent survey, 76 percent of gun owners support safe storage laws. 75 percent support making it easier for law enforcement to trace weapons used in crimes. 67 percent even support Extreme Risk Protection Orders, which allow friends and family to intervene when a loved one is in a crisis and have their guns temporarily removed from the picture.

ALSO:  The same organization (Guns Down America) reported on February 16, 2022, that in about one year since President Biden was inaugurated, more than 47,857 Americans have died from gun violence.  Neither Biden nor Congress has taken sensible strong actions that are needed in order to stop the slaughter.


This article from February 14, 2022, reports that Biden has done FAR TOO LITTLE to reduce gun violence:


Washington State has a new law restricting high-capacity magazines that allow mass shootings.  SB 5078 restricts the supply of high capacity magazines in Washington. This 10-round limit will help make our communities safer by requiring a mass shooter or criminal shooter to reload sooner, allowing more time for victims to escape or law enforcement to intervene. Ten states have done this now.  These laws have been proven effective by multiple peer-reviewed studies.


Our statewide non-profit organization working to reduce gun violence (Washington Gun Responsibility, reported this after the legislative victory:  “In Las Vegas, more than 1,000 shots were fired in about 10 minutes, killing 58 people and wounding more than 500. In Parkland, 17 people were killed and 17 were wounded in less than five minutes. In Dayton, nine people were killed and 27 were wounded in just 32 seconds.”


Despite OVERWHELMING PUBLIC PRESSURE, the U.S. Congress keeps REFUSING to take sensible actions.  A prominent organizing opposing gun violence ( recently reported that New Zealand did take strong action immediately after a mass shooting there.  In 2019 a white supremacist armed with an assault weapon walked into two New Zealand mosques and took the lives of 51 people.  Just a few days after that, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared a nationwide ban on military-style assault weapons — and less than a month later, parliament passed it with near-unanimous support.

The same organization recently reported that a new study has revealed that firearm deaths now are the leading cause of trauma-related deaths in the country, overtaking car crashes.



Gun homicides in 2020:  30 in England in 2020 but 13,620 in U.S.  In relation to national populations, the U.S. equivalent to England’s would be 167 instead of 13,620.

See this article:


The U.S. — with only 5% of the world’s population — has about half of the world’s civilian-owned guns!   In 2021 the U.S. added 18.8 million more guns.

This information came from Guns Down America (

An estimated 18.8 million guns were sold in 2021. This puts 2021 on record as the second highest year for gun sales since 2000. Approximately 81.4 million Americans now own guns – making the United States the most armed developed nation.