URGENT! REJECT the calls for a “no-fly zone”!!! It would lead to NUCLEAR WAR!!!

Many politicians and news media people are calling for a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine.  This would obligate the U.S. to shoot down Russian military planes.  This would be AN ACT OF WAR!!!


Both nations have thousands of nuclear weapons!


We must CONVINCE the American people — and the news media — and the politicians to REJECT any thought of a “no-fly zone”!!!


Here are a few articles about this:


Veterans for Peace Warns Biden That ‘A No-Fly Zone Is an Act of War.’

Rep. Ilhan Omar similarly said on the House floor that “it would mean the beginning of World War III.”



The Alliance for Democracy (www.alliancefordemocracy.org) posted this recently:

There is growing support in media and in Congress to implement this policy.  Nevertheless, we oppose taking this dangerous next step. If the US should declare no-fly zone remember:

  • It is a commitment that the US would shoot down Russian war planes and jets flying in Ukraine airspace.
  • Conflict between the US and Russia could spiral out of control with unknown and dangerous consequences.
  • The conflict could spill over into neighboring NATO countries – Poland, Hungary, Romania, and the Czech Republic for example.
  • Putin has warned that Russia’s nuclear weapons are on “high alert” and that must be true for US nuclear weapons. The risk of escalation into a nuclear exchange and war is too terrifying to contemplate.


This 36-second statement opposes a “no-fly zone” and similar kinds of belligerence:

The Nation editorial director Katrina vanden Heuvel described how a high-profile U.S. journalist on national TV was pushing for a “no-fly zone” over Ukraine, causing Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to explain that such a move could start a nuclear war. Large portions of the media are clearly unhinged on the topic of military escalation. Watch the clip here.


You can get more information and E-MAIL CONGRESS TO PREVENT A “NO-FLY ZONE” at this link:  https://progressivehub.net/no-war-in-ukraine/








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