Learn about the Green New Deal from my MAY 2020 TV program. It’s also posted to this blog.

Here is an article about my MAY 2020 TV program about the Green New Deal.

It is airing on Channel 22 of Thurston Community Television (TCTV, TC Media, for cable TV subscribers in Thurston County WA) three times a week all month long:  every MONDAY at 1:30 pm, every WEDNESDAY at 5:00 pm, and every THURSDAY at 9:00 pm throughout May 2020.

A technical problem is preventing the TV program’s video itself from being linked to this blog, but I did type up a thorough summary of what we planned to discuss during the interview.  Our actual interview differed somewhat from these notes, so if you watch the program on cable TV during May 2020, you will see some differences.  Here is the essay I fleshed out from the topics we planned to discuss:  2020.05 Green New Deal — SUMMARY and RESOURCES is the .pdf version.  The Word version is here:  2020.05 Green New Deal — SUMMARY and RESOURCES

Here is a very brief announcement that was published in Works in Progress‘s May issue:  WIP — MAY 2020 — Glen’s Parallax Perspectives