Presidential candidates AND members of Congress MUST take the climate crisis seriously!

Elected officials and candidates like to create the image that they care about important issues (such as the climate crisis), but many of them are NOT SINCERE and are “slippery” and have conflicts of interest.  Voters and the media MUST HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.



A great many of the persons Trump has appointed to positions of enormous power over the environment, energy, etc., have very severe conflicts of interest.  I will post a different item to my blog with examples of those horrible corruptions of our government.



Members of Congress own up to $93 MILLION in fossil fuel stocks.  SEE THIS:


The U.S. government helped PREVENT the COP25 climate summit from accomplishing anything.  SEE THIS:



Although VOTERS SAY THE CLIMATE CRISIS IS AN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ISSUE, some presidential candidates (Biden, Buttigieg, and some others) are FAILING TO PROPOSE ACTIONS ANYWHERE NEAR STRONG ENOUGH.  Here is an edited version of the strong message to Biden and Buttigieg:



  • Oppose all new federal permits and leases for fossil fuel infrastructure and extraction, from pipelines to oil & gas export terminals and coal mining leases.
  • Begin the responsible wind-down of the fossil fuel industry, including a just transition for workers and communities.
  • Commit to investigating the fossil fuel industry’s role in causing the climate crisis and misleading the public about it.
  • Support a national end to fracking for oil and gas.
  • Respect their commitment to the spirit of the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge by rejecting campaign funds and campaign advice from fossil fuel executives and lobbyists and their corporate PACs.

Biden and Buttigieg have REFUSED to propose such strong actions.  They are funded by secret money from big businesses with serious conflicts of interest.  Clearly, both Biden and Buttigieg are TOO CORRUPT — too much owned by Big Business — for any political office, let alone the presidency!

Voters who demand honesty and clean elections — voters who want America and Planet Earth to survive, must oppose Biden and Buttigieg because they are subservient to Big Money corruption and are horribly weak on the climate crisis.  Indeed, Joe Biden’s top climate advisor is a high-level person from the fossil fuel industry!

And on the most recent General Election night (November 5, 2019),  Biden doubled down on his corruption by spending that evening with a small group of ultra-wealthy donors — at a fundraiser hosted by a fracking developer and a health care industry executive. He used his time there to criticize Elizabeth Warren as an “elitist.”

Biden keeps saying he cares about the climate, but see this from September 2019.  He has been actively raising funds from fossil fuel sources: urged people to click to sign this petition urging Biden to take stronger positions for the climate:



In December 2019 the Sunrise Movement rated three leading presidential candidates (Biden, Warren, Sanders) and produced this scorecard:

In January 2020 the Sunrise Movement ENDORSED BERNIE SANDERS.  SEE THIS:



The climate crisis is EXTREMELY SERIOUS — and RAPIDLY GETTING WORSE, so we ABSOLUTELY MUST TAKE VERY STRONG ACTIONS NOW!  But Congress is dawdling, so VOTERS MUST REPLACE 90% OF INCUMBENTS in order to elect a Congress that will IMMEDIATELY take strong steps to TRANSITION TO A 100% CLEAN ECONOMY!  We need MANY STRATEGICALLY SMART ACTIONS!  This article suggests how we can get there:



In September 2019 Greta Thunberg testified to Congress by giving them the October 2018 IPCC report — and DEMANDING STRONG ACTION.  SEE THIS ARTICLE:









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