Fossil fuel companies have been deceiving us and denying their climate crisis

The Koch brothers made billions from oil companies — and they have vigorously funded climate denialism.  See this information from — and sign the PETITION below this information:

“At the center of the Koch brothers’ vast network of wealth and influence is their funding of university programs and other quasi-scientific-sounding organizations promoting climate denial. In the past 10 years alone, Koch funding for university programs has quadrupled to more than $60 million annually, at 50+ schools — with no sign of slowing down.

“Koch Industries has built their fortune thanks to fossil fuels. They’ve spent millions to lobby against climate legislation. So it comes as no surprise that they are pouring millions of dollars into “scientific research” that will help boost their bottom line. They are not even coy about their intentions as they’ve disclosed repeatedly that they won’t contribute to universities unless the institutions advance their business interests and political agenda.

“Sign the petition: Demand the Koch network stop funding junk science to deny climate change.”



Facebook Hires Koch-Funded Climate Deniers for ‘Fact-Checking:

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Big Oil advertises rhetoric and lobbies government but fails to take meaningful climate actions

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Big Oil’s real agenda:



Shell Oil knew about climate risks for 16 YEARS before they even told their shareholders about the risks:

You would THINK that big corporations would care about their shareholders.  ACTUALLY, big oil companies DECEIVED their shareholders and PUT THEIR INVESTMENTS AT RISK because the oil companies KNEW about the climate crisis but DENIED the crisis for many years!

Oil companies put the public and the whole earth at risk.  But capitalists should be alarmed that Shell knew the risks for 16 YEARS before it even told its own shareholders!

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