Media bias INTERFERES WITH solving the climate crisis

The Establishment (fossil fuel companies, big business, the “consumer culture,” economic elites, and BOTH of the big political parties) caused the climate crisis.

Mainstream (corporate-owned) media — as always — played along as the mouthpiece for the corrupt Establishment.

In order to solve the climate crisis, ORDINARY PEOPLE MUST PUSH BACK against big business, against government, and against mainstream media.


Weather reports — and news reports about extreme weather — keep assuming that extreme weather is merely an “act of God” and ALMOST NEVER mention that decades of fossil fuel pollution and climate disruption have caused it.

Even Seattle’s Cliff Mass, who is generally smart about weather issues, seriously underplays the climate crisis.  Some local groups in our region say they:

“are calling on KNKX Jazz Blues and NPR News to change its pattern of under-reporting the impact of global warming on weather in its feature, “Weather With Cliff Mass.” The petition focuses on a archived record of “Weather With Cliff Mass” segments on the station’s website, but Dr. Mass’s consistent message that climate’s impact on the Pacific Northwest and globally is uncertain and not important is evident in his blog and in his 2008 book, The Weather of the Pacific Northwest.

“The non- or under-reporting of climate impacts on weather is not a problem of NPR alone. In fact, it’s a problem nationally with weather forecasting across most media not bringing in climate science to help listeners/viewers understand the impact of global warming on weather, especially extreme weather events.




Mainstream media and cable outlets fail to call the climate crisis a crisis or an emergency.

See this article:


The excellent non-profit org Food and Water Watch ( is urging mainstream media to report accurately about the climate crisis:

“Americans are more worried than ever about the climate crisis. We’ve seen the direct impacts of climate change unfolding across the world — hurricanes, fires, drought, flooding and mudslides are becoming all too common.

“But the networks are not giving it the regularity, focus or depth of coverage this threat merits. Last year, the major broadcast networks spent only 142 minutes on climate change — that’s less than two-and-a-half hours. And, less than 4 percent of news segments spoke of climate change’s impacts as a ‘crisis’ or ’emergency.’”

“We need to push for real solutions to our climate crisis, and it must include real talk about climate change. Tell the networks to call it a climate crisis so people everywhere understand the danger clearly — and start talking about how we can solve it.”

Their e-mail had a petition, but it has expired.  You can see information and sign up for their e-mails at their website,


Naomi Klein lambastes mainstream media’s timid “centrism” when actually “the house is on fire.”

See this article:


Mainstream media is still grossly inadequate in covering the climate crisis:

See this article:


In late 2018 “Meet the Press” featured a climate change denier — but not a single scientist!

The information was released on Dec. 4, 2018, by, which promotes science as necessary for valid public policy.  Their petition about the negligence and bias of “Meet the Press” has expired, but their website has useful information.


How the mainstream news media got played by Trump regarding the climate:

Mainstream news media continually show how clueless they are.  Trump has been manipulating them in a number of ways.

This article explains how the mainstream news media got played by Trump regarding the climate: