Geo-Engineering to ease the climate crisis is RECKLESSLY DANGEROUS and a DISTRACTION from real solutions!

Beware of climate “geo-engineering” plan to block the sun:

I read this article in the magazine’s print version (to which I have subscribed for many decades). Now they offer it online too.  We need a variety of strong actions to protect the climate. But some “geo-engineering” proposals are reckless and would likely cause side-effects and unknown consequences that could be as bad as the climate crisis itself. Some people are actually proposing these reckless schemes.

This article discusses the proposal to launch things into the atmosphere to block out the sun:


U.S. Blocks U.N. Resolution on Geoengineering:

The excellent magazine Scientific American published an article about the U.S. blocking a United Nations resolution about geo-engineering:



Geoengineering Distracts From Real Climate Solutions While Giving Cover to the Fossil Fuel Industry:

Instead of the real solutions – such as rapidly moving away from fossil fuels – some rich people, businesses, and others are proposing expensive and reckless high-tech experiments to mess with the natural world. These “geo-engineering” experiments will very likely have unforeseen consequences, including some negative ones. I keep urging “the precautionary principle” of not doing reckless things with likely unforeseen consequences.

This article urges us to be very leery of “geo-engineering” as a DISTRACTION from real solutions and a gimmick to allow the continued burning of fossil fuels:

We cannot afford to gamble on geoengineering to achieve net zero emissions: