Extreme climate disruption — This powerful, informative article explains dangers, causes, and what’s next.

The powerful, alarming article linked below deals with the climate, economics, politics, and our daily lives a few years from now. It is a “must-read.”

Most mainstream politicians and news media are rejecting the Green New Deal as too extreme. Actually, the Green New Deal is absolutely necessary and absolutely urgent! We must replace all politicians who fail to support the Green New Deal!

A friend sent me this link to an alarming new article about the very serious disruption to the climate. The excerpt he cited indicates the article’s seriousness. I’m passing his message on to you.

This article came from Truthdig:

As David Wallace-Wells observes in his haunting “The Uninhabitable Earth,” we are not witnessing a “new normal” but something far more terrifying: “That is, the end of normal; never normal again.”

“We have already exited the state of environmental conditions that allowed the human animal to evolve in the first place, in an unsure and unplanned bet on just what that animal can endure,” he writes. “The climate system that raised us, and raised everything we now know as a human culture and civilization, is now, like a parent, dead.”

Since its publication last month, Wallace-Wells’ book has drawn comparisons to Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring,” and with good reason. Both explore the unique havoc we are wreaking on the environment, through carbon emissions in the former and our use of pesticides in the latter. And both are before-and-after publications that demand urgent government action—or so one hopes in the case of “The Uninhabitable Earth.”

Read the entire article at this link: