Some state govts OFFICIALLY DENY CLIMATE SCIENCE. Their ENFORCED IGNORANCE will hurt them and us.

Florida and North Carolina state governments OFFICIALLY DENY CLIMATE SCIENCE.   But the truth is true whether you like it or not.  ENFORCED IGNORANCE will NOT “make America great.”  Instead, it will hurt the societies that refuse to accept reality.

A friend sent me an article that includes the following paragraph. I boldfaced three parts that were web links in the original paragraph.  The first link refers to North Carolina. The second link refers to Florida. Both are at severe risk of climate disruptions, including storms and sea level rise. Those states’ governments outlawed honest science regarding public policy about the climate.  The third link says how Trump is making things worse.

Here is the quotation:

These climate refugees join the hundreds of thousands who were displaced from their homes in California by a record season of wildfires. They join with the Americans in Puerto Rico, and Florida, and the Carolinas, and Texas who were battered by record storms over the last year. They join with everyone who is not just suffering from the effects of climate change, but from the failure to plan for climate change. Some states have banned state agencies from using climate change predictions in planning, while others don’t even allow state agencies to use the words. Trump is working to make the situation actively worse.

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