Ellen Brown (an expert on publicly owned banks) explains how to fund the Green New Deal.

Ellen Brown is perhaps the U.S.’s best expert on publicly owned banks.  She explains how to fund the Green New Deal. She discusses Public Banks and also a bold economic remedy called “Modern Monetary Theory” (MMT).

Read Ellen Brown’s article about how to fund the Green New Deal at this link:  https://www.truthdig.com/articles/the-secret-to-funding-a-green-new-deal/


Recently I interviewed an expert on MMT for my TV program and wrote a thorough summary of what we said.  My thorough summary includes links to many other sources of information.  See http://parallaxperspectives.org/tv-a-creative-practical-way-to-fund-jobs-infrastructure-climate-cures

Several years ago I interviewed experts on publicly owned banks, and we urged the State of Washington to create a publicly owned bank like the one North Dakota has successfully operated since 1919.  See that TV video and the thorough summary I wrote at http://parallaxperspectives.org/tv-create-a-publicly-owned-washington-state-bank

After I produced this TV program and posted it to my blog, my e-mail address changed from glenanderson@integra.net to glen@parallaxperspectives.org.  When you watch the TV video and/or read the linked document, please use my new e-mail address (and/or phone me at 360-491-9093) if you have any questions or want more information.










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