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Smart insights for strengthening our organizing for the climate

December 23, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

My notes here summarize some main points of the article I’ve linked below – and add some of my own thoughts:   The article I’ve linked below says that – although 70% of the public is worried about the climate – this has not translated into real organizing.  Instead of playing politics (nice words and political wheeling-dealing, but falling short of making the bold changes that are necessary, the article says we need to deepen the public’s concern with a profound “change of heart.” Instead of “transactional” politics, we need “transformative” politics.  Without a profound change of heart we’ll be […]

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Sign up NOW for FREE, PRACTICAL ONLINE WORKSHOPS to help you make more progress on issues YOU care about

December 18, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

ALL OF US — new people, experienced organizers, and everybody in between — can STRENGTHEN OUR SKILLS and add resources to our “toolboxes” so we can make more progress in working on our issues. That’s why I’m offering my 6 FREE ONLINE WORKSHOPS. Please see information on the flyer I posted at this link – and SIGN UP NOW! 6 practical workshops on Grassroots Organizing — 2022 JAN-FEB — FLYER.docx Let’s build strong nonviolent grassroots movements that will significantly move public opinion — and change the dominant paradigms — and push governments, big businesses, mainstream media, and other entrenched entities to do […]

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Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing Creates Light and Progress

December 9, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing Creates Light and Progress Glen Anderson (360) 491-9093 The January 2022 theme for the Olympia-based publication Works In Progress ( – “Where do we find light” – is a smart question to ask.  I recommend finding light in two places:  in ourselves and in the world around us. Contrary to the cynical assumption that human beings are inherently competitive and cruel (and contrary to the religious assumption that we’re doomed by “original sin”), powerful research affirms humans inherently want to cooperate and be good to each other.  I read the book Humankind: A Hopeful History written […]

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New poll shows the public supports the separation of Church and State

November 7, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

New polling data were released recently.  The public supports the separation of Church and State. See this:   For more information, see the website of Americans United for the separation of Church and State at and their blog, Wall of Separation BLOG   You can learn a lot more by watching my October 2021 TV program at this link: This link lets you WATCH the interview video and/or READ the thorough summary I typed up about what we said during the interview.   Right-wing Christians are pushing state-level policies to erode the separation of Church and State.  See […]

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October 1, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Here is a list of many coming events and opportunities on a wide variety of issues — starting in early October 2021. I created the attached document today. It informs you about many events and opportunities on a wide variety of issues that are coming up in the next few weeks.  Many are online, so people EVERYWHERE can participate. The attached document includes live links to connect you with more information about these events and opportunities. CALENDAR — Early October 2021 and beyond            

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“Religious Freedom: What it Is – and What it Is Not”

September 26, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

The October 2021 episode of “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” provides fresh information and insights into some controversies that have confused and misled many Americans about many matters, including our human rights and how our government functions. In a free society, people need to get along with each other – including people whose beliefs differ from each other – and we must protect fairness for all people.  This includes the relationships between religious beliefs and governments. During this interview an expert clarifies what religious freedom IS and what it is NOT.  We clear up confusion about the centuries-old American principle of “the […]

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Right-wing extremists have radically changed U.S. politics. Now our democracy is in serious danger.

September 9, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

This article’s headline and sub-head are these: Go Ahead, Worry! A Worst-Case Scenario for American Democracy The American far right has transformed politics in unprecedented ways. Can this be reversed? This article’s author says why he wrote it:  “I offer here a tentative map of the multiple and interlocking dimensions of the threat from the contemporary far right.”  His article lists ten serious factors.  Read the article here:  

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Government-sponsored prayers

September 9, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Some governmental bodies (legislatures, local governments, etc.) begin with official prayers. Often those are required by conservative politicians. Those conservatives typically oppose “Big Government.” Ironically, they want “Big Government” to force us to pray in certain ways. Not only does that blatantly contradict their opposition to “Big Government” oppressing us, but it also blatantly undermines legitimate religion.   Prayer should be personal and truly spiritual, but when “Big Government” imposes any prayer upon us, prayer is perverted and trivialized into just a meaningless ritual — a contemptible abuse by “Big Government.” Jesus told people to pray privately instead of in […]

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A few short quotations about religious/spiritual matters

August 29, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Mohandas K. Gandhi (the Mahatma) said this:  “I claim that human mind or human society is not divided into watertight compartments called social, political and religious. All act and react upon one another.”   Thich Nhat Hanh, the great Zen Buddhist mystic, said this:  What we need is not another doctrine, but an awakening that can restore our spiritual strength. What made Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle a great success was not a doctrine—not even the doctrine of nonviolence—but Gandhi himself, his way of being. A lot is written today about the doctrine of nonviolence and people everywhere are trying to apply […]

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Nuclear Weapons VIOLATE the “Just War” criteria

July 24, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Typically, people assume that if our government is fighting a war, that war is “just.”  Historically and currently, some institutional churches say they support the “Just War” criteria.  Actually, the “Just War” criteria go back for many centuries, and our wars — and specifically any use of nuclear weapons — violate the “Just War” criteria. These two documents provide solid information: Principles of the Just War Just War criteria and discussion                

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Myanmar’s coup — much info before and after — and insights into other issues

June 13, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

On February 1, 2021, the military of Myanmar (previously known as Burma) overthrew democracy and installed an extremely brutal military dictatorship.  The population has been protesting against that, so the military has been using extreme violence to suppress the resistance.  Most of the public’s resistance has been nonviolent, but — out of frustration — some people have been resorting to violence. Of course, this nation had been colonized by a European nation, so that background plays into the current crisis.  The nation exists in the context of other nations in that region.  Mainstream news media in the U.S. have been […]

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Respect science. Base public policies on honest science. And envision more boldly than that too.

June 3, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Trump’s war on science has hurt our nation and our public institutions:   Trump Officials Tried To ‘Cripple’ The CDC’s COVID-19 Response, House Panel Says.  Trump appointees sought to change reports “in a misguided effort to achieve herd immunity,” House investigators found.  SEE THIS:   In 4 years Trump escalated his corruption over the CDC. Trump’s biases increasingly overruled scientists and medical professionals.  This article does not mention the urgent need for Biden to restore honest science instead of Trumpian corruption at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Trump corrupted EVERY federal agency.  Voters must demand that Biden […]

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Click to urge President Biden to take these actions …

April 13, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Many non-profit organizations are urging President Biden to take smart actions.  I have collected some recent ones here.  You might want to provide your own name and contact information and click to send.  For a few of these you may remove my name and contact information and substitute your own. Also, you can contact President Biden through the White House website — — or through the White House phone switchboard — (202) 456-1414  Grassroots pressure has produced positive governmental actions on some issues.  Let’s keep it going!   Human rights, democracy, and peace for Myanmar (traditionally known as Burma): On […]