Some People in the Military Refuse Orders

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Some People in the Military Refuse Orders — Glen’s September 2022 TV program and MANY more resources

The September 2022 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” shares first-hand experiences, insights, and information about people in the military who refuse to fight wars.


The experience of being in the military – especially while the U.S. is fighting a war – gives fresh insights to a great many people about the war they are being ordered to fight – and also about the larger reality of war overall.  Many people refuse to fight.  Some become well known for their resistance, while others are not known to the public.

Two guests will help us explore this topic.  Jeff Paterson and Stephanie Atkinson joined the military when they were young.  When the older George H.W. Bush was conducting the U.S.’s first war against Iraq, they knew it was wrong, so they refused orders, suffered retaliation by the military, and finally got out.

In this interview, Jeff and Stephanie share their experiences and tell us about their current efforts to help other people who are in the military resist war.

We discussed the large extent of resistance within the military throughout the past and present — both in the U.S. military and in other nations.

We provided information about the well-known cases of Ehren Watada, Chelsea Manning, Camilo Mejia, and Daniel Hale.

Glen provided context of the Existentialist philosophers of the 1950s and 1960s who said the world is absurd with no good choices, but — even so — we must make decisions and live with the consequences.

We mentioned the need to cut excessive military spending, the military’s damage to the climate, the military’s brutalization of people, PTSD and “moral injury,” and the military draft.

We also discussed remedies such as “counter-recruitment, Conscientious Objection, and two great organizations.  Jeff and Stephanie both work for Courage to Resist ( and are active with Veterans for Peace (


Besides watching the interview video, I hope people will also read the thorough summary document I wrote because it provides a HUGE amount of ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, including links to MANY ARTICLES and ORGANIZATIONS.




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