“No Labels” really is a front for Republicans and conservatives

For a number of months starting in early 2023, a new group called “No Labels” — No Labels — has claimed to be an independent organization that is NOT a political party and is promoting an alternative to presidential nominees from the two big political parties.  However, it is building state-level organizations and it is acting like a political party — or at least a front for one (the Republicans).  It seems to be well financed from “dark money” sources.  It seems to be organizing to take more votes away from Biden than from Trump in the 2024 presidential election.  Lately social media has been flooded with claims that it is secretly a pro-Republican organization.


MoveOn sent this in August 2023:

Sign the petition to stop No Labels, a third party spoiler, from helping elect Trump:  Sign the petition to stop No Labels from helping to elect Trump!

A dark-money organization named “No Labels” is running a $70 million effort that could give Donald Trump, who incited a deadly insurrection and was recently charged for attempting to overturn the 2020 election results, a path back into the White House.1 They call themselves No Labels, but in reality their efforts are being funded by right-wing mega-donors who are putting our democracy at stake.2 So we have to come together to stop their dangerous plan.

Will you sign the petition to stop No Labels from helping to elect Trump in 2024?

Paid petition teams are already on the ground on behalf of No Labels, vying for ballot access in several states—including key battlegrounds like Arizona that Democrats need to win in order to keep control of the White House.3

This isn’t any ordinary third-party ticket. No Labels has been financed with more than six figures in support by conservative super-funder Harlan Crow—the same MAGA mega-donor who lavished improper gifts on right-wing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.4 Even an abysmal performance by No Labels could put 79 Democratic Electoral College votes in danger. This is NOT a risk that our communities can afford to take. 


‘No Labels’ leader says group would ‘pull back’ from 2024 run if Trump is poised to win:

This was posted on August 8, 2023:  https://www.rawstory.com/no-labels-trump/


“No Labels” Says It’s Not a Political Party. But It’s Setting Up State Parties.

Democrats and Never-Trump GOPers are worried about the group’s 2024 plans.  See this from July 2023:  https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2023/07/no-labels-is-setting-up-state-parties-2024/


On July 20, 2023, MoveOn posted this:

MoveOn has been in the headlines recently for taking action against a rising threat that could reelect Trump in 2024—a group called “No Labels.”

In fact, our Executive Director Rahna Epting was on the podcast “Pod Save America” earlier this week to sound the alarm!1

No Labels has become such a threat that three weeks ago we took the unprecedented step of sending a letter to every secretary of state and election board in America asking them to investigate No Labels because the organization was caught potentially lying to voters in Maine.2

We wrote, “We are writing to inform you about our grave concern about the activities of a political organization called ‘No Labels’ that may be operating in your state and has been flagged by another state election official for potentially misleading voters.”

No Labels is a corporate dark-money operation that is attempting to put a third-party ticket on the ballot in 2024. Disguising themselves as a group of “moderates,” they are actually funded by right-wing corporate donors like Harlan Crow, the collector of Nazi memorabilia and funder of Clarence Thomas’s extravagant lifestyle.3









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