Bi-Partisan Revulsion Against the Status Quo

Across the political spectrum, voters are angry.

Regardless of which party owns the President, voters are dissatisfied and VOTE FOR THE OTHER PARTY in the next congressional election.

Consider this evidence:

2004:  George W. Bush was reelected by a large margin, but in 2006 a large majority of voters chose Democrats for Congress and state offices.

2008:  Barack Obama won a decisive victory, but in 2010 a large majority of voters chose Republicans for Congress and state offices.

2012:  Barack Obama was re-elected by a big margin, but in 2014 voters chose Republicans for bigger majorities in Congress and state offices.

2016:  Trump won the electoral college vote and antagonized most of the country, so many people expect a “Blue Wave” of support for Democrats.


The phenomena here do not really show either of the big parties with more power than the other.  These phenomena show that VOTERS ARE ANGRY WITH THE STATUS QUO and reject the party controlling the Executive Branch.

Clearly, instead of cheering for the “blue” team versus the “red” team or vice versa, we must change our nation’s political system in more fundamental, systemic ways. 

We must stop the corruption (which really is bi-partisan) get Big Money out of politics.

Stop gerrymandering.

Stop suppressing voters.

Reform election laws to make Third Parties more viable.

Make mainstream news media cover the real issues, not just the trivial “horse race” coverage they’ve been doing.