To protect immigrants, let’s de-polarize the U.S.’s political culture.

Many problems that are plaguing the U.S. are rooted in various kinds of polarizations.  Oppressors use a “divide-and-conquer” strategy to disempower ordinary people so the oppressors can grab more power and enrich themselves financially.  They polarize us by pitting race against race, religion against religion, straight people against LGBTQ people, and native-born people against immigrants.

They also polarize us by emphasizing nationalism, so they pit nation against nation.  They promote wars and nuclear weapons.

All of these polarizations draw from the same roots.  In order to protect immigrant rights — and all people’s rights — and in order to prevent nuclear war and achieve peace — we must DE-POLARIZE the U.S.’s political culture.

I wrote this flyer and handed it out to many people at the immigrant rights rally in Olympia on Saturday June 30, 2018:

 Immigrants — Nuclear Weapons.docx