Abolishing nuclear weapons would help immigrants’ rights.

Stop dividing people by nationality, race, religion, gender,
sexual orientation, disability, economic class, etc.

The problems we face are huge, deeply rooted and interconnected. Because these problems are linked, we can make progress toward solving any of the divisive problems by starting with any one of these problems and showing how it connects with the other problems.

The problems already existed before Trump made them worse.

Nationalism and racism polarize “us vs. them.” For more than 70 years nuclear weapons have expressed the nationalism that is one root of anti-immigrant feelings.

If nuclear weapons are used, everybody – immigrants and native-born Americans alike – will be killed and disabled, and our communities will be utterly destroyed.

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See http://parallaxperspectives.org/category/nuclear-weapons

Watch a video interview, read a summary of what we said, and see information sources at the summary’s end: www.parallaxperspectives.org/nuclear-weapons-updates-dangers-and-opportunities

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