Trump will crash U.S. economy by committing to coal & oil instead of renewables

For many decades, the huge outside wall of the Greyhound bus station in downtown Olympia WA has proudly proclaimed that bus travel is the modern way to travel in America.

I always laugh. But Trump is even more ridiculous when he proposes coal as the modern future for the U.S. Trump is vigorously opposing solar, wind and other renewables. He is committing the U.S. economy to coal and oil as the future.

Truly modern nations such China and all of Europe are promoting solar, wind and other renewables. Trump has hitched the U.S.’s economy to a dead horse.

While the modern nations of the world – including the leading capitalist nations – are rapidly converting to solar, wind and other renewable energy, Trump and the Republican Party are utterly subservient to oil and coal companies. Republican-dominated states are passing laws to seriously discourage renewable energy. Trump and the national Republican Party are vigorously opposing renewables and recklessly committing themselves to coal and oil, as if those were the wave of the future.

China — the U.S.’s major competitor in global economics — and other nations are rapidly converting to renewables.  China and those other modern nations know solar and renewables are the wave of the future. Trump is betting on the future of coal and oil.

Trump will NOT “make America great.” He will make America obsolete and bankrupt.