Abolish nuclear weapons. Replace our nukes with simply leaving our shoes untied.

The U.S. government keeps promoting more nuclear weapons in order to make Americans secure. Instead of that, I propose that we ABOLISH NUCLEAR WEAPONS and INSTEAD, SIMPLY LEAVE OUR SHOES UNTIED.

NEITHER POLICY PROTECTS OUR NATION, but my alternative policy offers two benefits:
1. We will save many billions of dollars.
2. And although either policy – nuclear weapons or untied shoelaces – could cause an accident, if an accident occurs, tripping on shoelaces will cause much less damage than a nuclear war.

PLEASE SHARE THIS NEW POLICY PROPOSAL – and my reasoning – to other people.

Also invite people to join the movement to abolish nuclear weapons. Contact me for information about the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and our statewide coalition, Washington Against Nuclear Weapons.

See much information about nuclear weapons, peace, and other issues at my blog, www.parallaxperspectives.org