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The April 2022 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” provides fresh insights and a creative alternative that can get the whole world unstuck from nationalistic antagonisms and endless wars.

Wars have raged for thousands of years of wars, but they have never produced lasting peace.  The promoters of World War I promised that it would be “the war to end all wars.”  Have we had a century of peace since 1918?

When we are chronically stuck in a dysfunctional system, we need to challenge the long-standing assumptions.  We need to think creatively – “think outside the box” – and choose positive alternatives.

Instead of narrow nationalism and wars, two guests and some visuals help us explore the exciting alternative:  world citizenship.

Glen welcomed Arthur Kanegis and Melanie Bennett.  Both guests have studied this extensively and produced a feature film promoting it.


The thorough summary document linked below provides links to some excellent sources of more information.

This interview includes SO MUCH FASCINATING INFORMATION that I encourage people to READ THIS THOROUGH SUMMARY in addition to watching the interview video.



I typed up a very thorough summary of what we said during the interview.  The thorough summary also includes some additional information beyond what we said during the TV interview.  It ends with a great many links to additional articles, books and videos.



2022.04 World Citizens — SUMMARY and MORE INFORMATION

After I produced this TV program and posted it to my blog, my e-mail address changed from to  When you watch the TV video and/or read the linked document, please use my new e-mail address (and/or phone me at 360-491-9093) if you have any questions or want more information.


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