WOW!!! Here is a link to the U.S.’s SECRET nuclear weapons attack manual “Nuclear Operations, Joint Publication 3-72”

In June 2019 the US Joint Chiefs of Staff published online – and QUICKLY DELETED – its nuclear attack manual titled “Nuclear Operations, Joint Publication 3-72.” It includes very explicit information about actually conducting a nuclear war!

Fortunately, an expert from the Federation of Atomic Scientists ( quickly saved a copy before the Pentagon deleted its online presence. HERE IS THE LINK to this secret 60-page document:

Near the document’s beginning, the table of contents alerts you to what the document says.  The public is totally ignorant about this, but we must make this a hot political issue.  The survival of the human species is at risk.

Mark Fleming, one of our local experts on nuclear weapons, has been mentioning this during his speaking engagements about nuclear weapons.  He describes it as “a chilling document.”  He says one section of the document states — in Mark’s words — that “commanders should include nuclear ‘operations’ in all of their mission planning. Under those guidelines, the nuclear option is just one more tactic and always on the table.”