Why the Pentagon Never Wins Wars Anymore But Needs Bigger and Bigger Nearly Trillion-Dollar Budgets

Read Juan Cole’s article in the January 22, 2020, post at Tomdispatch:  https://www.juancole.com/2020/01/pentagon-trillion-budgets.html

I have written about this topic before.  For example, see the explicit, informative handout I provided to participants in a workshop I presented to the public in September 2016:  De-Militarize U.S. Foreign Policy — WORKSHOP handout for participants and others

I can provide much additional information about the entrenched economic and political powers of the Military-Industrial Complex and the need to CONVERT FROM A PERMANENT WAR ECONOMY TO A PEACE ECONOMY.  I conducted a huge amount of research in 1976-1977 about how military spending actually HURTS THE ECONOMY in several ways.  My research also explored the possibilities for converting military bases and military industries for peaceful civilian purposes.  Such “peace conversion” would CREATE MORE JOBS and SERVE THE LOCAL COMMUNITIES in many ways.  You may borrow a copy of the report I produced in March 1977.  Contact me at (360) 491-9093 or glenanderson@integra.net