Workshop #4 — Sunday May 15, 2022: LINKS for Zoom and three simple handouts we will use

I’m looking forward to Workshop #4 NEXT SUNDAY MAY 15, 2022.  Workshop #43 is titled, “Using Three Models to Devise Strategies to Make Progress on any Issue You Care About.”  YOU WILL DO MOST OF THE TALKING during this workshop, because YOU WILL BE BRAINSTORMING smart, effective strategies for three practical models you can use.

Participants in the MULTI-ISSUE workshop (1:30 pm Pacific Time) will choose which issue(s) to work on.  The NUCLEAR WEAPONS workshop (5:00 pm Pacific Time will focus all three models on strategizing how to build the movement to abolish nuclear weapons.

Please read all three of these one-page handouts BEFORE next Sunday’s workshop.  You will brainstorm smart strategies for using each of them.  WE WILL USE THESE:

Force-Field Analysis for a GREEN NEW DEAL

Spectrum of Allies — Universal Single-Payer

Pillars — HANDOUT for group exercise about militaristic foreign policy



Workshops to increase your skills for “Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing” start today.  I’m sending this to people who have signed up – or at least expressed strong interest – in my series of workshops.  Some of you want the MULTI-ISSUE series, and some want the workshops that focus especially on NUCLEAR WEAPONS.  These links let you click on whichever series you want.

Here are the Zoom links for Glen Anderson’s series of 6 workshops to strengthen your skills and empower you to make better progress on issues YOU care about.  They run EVERY SUNDAY from April 24 through MAY 29, 2022.  You may join the Zoom meetings as early as 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time to make sure your equipment is working well and to enjoy informal conversations.  We will start each workshop PROMPTLY at the scheduled starting time.

The MULTI-ISSUE series can help you organize effectively on ANY ISSUE (peace, climate, civil liberties, economic justice, etc., etc.).  This series runs from 1:30 to 3:30 pm (Pacific Daylight Time).  If you live elsewhere, please adjust for your own local time zone.  CLICK THIS LINK to join:  Meeting ID: 822 6501 0893   Passcode: 51515

You can take these workshops with a special emphasis on NUCLEAR WEAPONS on those same Sundays from 5:00 to 7:00 pm (Pacific Daylight Time).  If you live elsewhere, please adjust for your own local time zone.  CLICK THIS LINK to join:   Meeting ID: 869 1559 0794   Passcode: 51515


Questions?  Contact Glen Anderson at (360) 491-9093 or
















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