Why the national Democratic Party keeps losing — and will likely lose again in 2020

Here is how democracy is supposed to work:  People with their “ear to the ground” listen to what the voters want.  They campaign for office with platforms promising to accomplish what the voters want.

Most of the 2020 presidential candidates are NOT doing that.  Several of the front-runners (Biden, Buttigieg, and other “centrists” — who are really conservatives) are running for President by INSISTING that voters can NOT have what they want!!!

  • Voters want to get big money out of politics, but the national Democratic Party and the “centrists” fall short.
  • Voters want HEALTH CARE FOR EVERYBODY, but the most powerful Democrats (Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Buttigieg, etc.) TELL VOTERS WE CANNOT HAVE WHAT WE DESPERATELY WANT.
  • Voters want a GREEN NEW DEAL, but those same powerful Democrats REFUSE to let us have a Green New Deal.
  • Voters want RICH PEOPLE TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES, but the Democratic Party’s leaders allow the unjust tax system to persist.
  • The list goes on and on!


Every day I receive 10-20 e-mails from different parts of the Democratic Party asking me for money.  I REFUSE TO DONATE.  I tell them that they have not earned my vote.  This morning I received an e-mail asking me how they could get more votes.  They listed options such as donating more money, using social media, etc.  Conspicuously MISSING FROM THEIR LIST was the option of RUNNING ON GOOD ISSUES that the public wants.


The Democratic Party keeps saying that they need more people to turn out and vote.  For the 2016 presidential campaign, a huge number of new people were inspired by Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and they became active and voted for the first time.  But in many ways the Democratic Party ESTABLISHMENT screwed Bernie’s campaign and imposed Hillary Clinton upon us.  Hillary Clinton was one of our nation’s MOST UNPOPULAR politicians.  She had long been subservient to Wall Street and Big Business, did absolutely nothing to help the workers when she served on WalMart’s Board of Directors, vigorously supported Dick Cheney’s endless wars and pushed hard for horrible new blunders (overthrowing governments in Liby, Honduras, etc.).  She vigorously supported NAFTA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and other global capitalist scams that hurt workers and the environment.  The list goes on and on.  She was so conservatives on many issues that Trump actually ran to her left.  Trump was lying, of course, but Hillary did NOT inspire trust, and she did NOT reach out to poor and working class constituencies.

Voters were angry at the status quo, which was obviously corrupt and NOT serving the public interest.  Hillary campaigned in support of the status quo, with only a little tinkering around the edges.  Trump EMBODIED THE PUBLIC’S ANGER and ran AGAINST THE STATUS QUO.

NOW in 2019-2020 VOTERS ARE STILL ANGRY!!!  VOTERS WANT SIGNIFICANT PROGRESSIVE GOALS!!!  But the institutional Democratic Party’s elites — and Wall Street and mainstream media — are once again trying to SUPPRESS THE VOTERS by SUPPRESSING the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

The institutional Democratic Party is telling voters we CANNOT have Medicare for All, we CANNOT have a Green New Deal, we CANNOT cut the Pentagon budget, we CANNOT tax the rich, we CANNOT cut pharmaceutical prices, etc.


Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Michael Bloomberg seem ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS and DISMISSIVE of racial justice issues!

  • Biden’s political history has strongly supported the worst white racist segregationist Southern senators.  He still seems tone-deaf and clueless.
  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg has shown contempt for his own city’s black population.  When he finally produced a document proposing how he would work on racial justice issues, he did it without meaningfully consulting relevant minority people, and he falsely claimed that many prominent black individuals supported it.
  • Michael Bloomberg was a terrible mayor of New York City.  he instituted a famously horrible cruel policing policy that seriously attacked and abused blacks and Latinos.

THOSE CONSTITUENCIES ARE ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL if Democrats are going to win in 2020, but the institutional Democratic Party is ANTAGONIZING blacks and Latinos — and, in effect — SUPPRESSING THEIR VOTES by running candidates who will REPEL minority voters!


Economic inequality is one of our nation’s worst problems, but the national Democratic Party has welcomed two BILLIONAIRES as candidates.  These two men have ZERO consciousness about “how the other half lives.”


Democratic Party e-mails ask us to choose which issues are important to us (Social Security, women’s rights, etc.), but they NEVER mention PEACE!!!  This clearly means that the Democratic Party REFUSES TO QUESTION DICK CHENEY’S ENDLESS WARS or Trump’s foreign policy!!!


Republicans get elected by serving their political base:  Rich people, big business, racists, sexists, the Religious Right, etc.

Democrats LOSE because they think they can TAKE FOR GRANTED their political base but refuse to serve us:  working class people, minorities, environmentalists, peace supporters, etc.

They even REFUSE TO IMPEACH Trump for his MANY, MANY CRIMES and MANY, MANY VIOLATIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been giving Trump a free ride and exoneration for violating the Constitution’s explicit prohibition against “emoluments” (using the presidential power to enrich himself), and kidnapping thousands of immigrants and imprisoning them in cages, hijacking money Congress had appropriated for other purposes and using that money to build his wall, etc., etc.  The ONLY thing Pelosi and the House Democrats got upset about was Trump’s partisan schemes against Democrat Joe Biden.


The institutional Democratic Party is SO CLUELESS that it is on track to stupidly LOSE AGAIN in 2020.







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