Trump keeps attacking science. We must PROTECT HONEST SCIENCE from Trump and Trumpism!

Why We Need to Protect Government Scientists From Political Retaliation:


EPA Career Staffer Says Trump Has Effectively Immobilized the Agency:


New reports show that science is in ‘crisis’ under Trump!  The article below begins with these two paragraphs:

Acceptance of the root cause of climate change — human beings — is growing among the American public. But among policymakers, acceptance is on the decline.
That’s the dismal conclusion of a new peer-reviewed study in Environmental Research Communications published on Thursday. Between 2010 and 2017, Washington policymakers became less supportive of the science behind climate change. What’s more, Washington elites have formed ideological echo chambers — metaphorical hidey-holes for people who have the same views on stuff — and become increasingly polarized.



Federal science is reaching a “crisis point.”   A non-profit organization,, wrote:

A new study from New York University has determined that the United States has reached “a crisis point” in its relationship with science and politics.
The Trump administration has undermined research and injected politics into science at an unprecedented level.

The Environmental Protection Agency has prohibited scientists from speaking at a climate change conference, the Interior Department censored concerns about a border wall’s effects on wildlife, and Trump’s acting chief of staff put pressure on government officials to back up the President’s misguided claims that Hurricane Dorian would affect Alabama.

Government officials have resigned in protest after the administration attempted to edit reports and testimony about climate change and the White House has invited climate change deniers to events and panels and disbanded independent scientific review boards.

The new report calls for stronger laws against financial conflicts, the suppression of science, and new standards that would enshrine scientific independence in our laws and guidelines.

And this is not just about pushing back against Donald Trump – past presidents have attempted to use science for the benefit of their own political agenda or party, too. Science and facts should always be prioritized no matter who is in office.

However, the Trump administration’s egregious violation of scientific norms is of particular concern, and Congress must take action to ensure the integrity of federal scientific data.

SEEC co-chair Rep. Paul Tonko has introduced legislation to develop scientific integrity standards. The Scientific Integrity Act would establish policies for federal agencies that fund, conduct, or oversee scientific research.


Trump attacked science more than 100 times by mid-August 2019:


More information about the Trump regime’s war on science:


Trump killed a federal science committee, but now it re-created itself to send an “Extremely Urgent” warning:


Trump — and some Republican-dominated state governments — have waged war against science in other ways.  I’ll post more info to this blog in the future.







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