We must DEBUNK “the Myth of Redemptive Violence.”

U.S. culture has long perpetuated what has been called “The Myth of Redemptive Violence.”

Look at the plots of movies about the Wild West, about cops & robbers, about spies, etc. Nearly every movie ends with a big shoot-out in which “the good guys” use violence to defeat “the bad guys.”

The U.S. assumes that our military is “the good guys” and we can use violence to defeat “the bad guys” just like in the movies. The problem is that reality does not work that way.

The U.S. LOST the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Violence is also PROFOUNDLY IMMORAL.

For more than 22 years I worked for a Washington State government agency that interacted with all other state agencies. Sometimes we had disagreements. But I NEVER heard anyone suggest that we should get some guns and go to the other agency and start shooting its people.

At the local level, decent people try to reduce domestic violence rather than urge family members to arm themselves and shoot it out at home.


We must DEBUNK “the Myth of Redemptive Violence.”  We must change many of our systems (foreign policy, policing, prisons, etc.) from violence to nonviolent alternatives that will be more humane and effective!

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