Military “solutions” are really the problem!

Military “solutions” are really the problem!

Instead of solving problems, military violence actually makes problems worse!

It causes more threats to us and weakens our national security!

Military violence provokes more people to want to attack the U.S.!

Militarism creates new enemies faster than we can kill them.

Militarism is a “domino theory” in reverse: the U.S. keeps spreading chaos into more and more countries.

Sometimes high-level reports from the Pentagon and CIA conclude that militarism is doing this. (Indeed, the term “blowback” came from the CIA before Chalmers Johnson wrote a great book by that title.)

Since 9-11-2001 the Pentagon and CI have vastly increased their budgets and their power for setting U.S. policy and their political power overall. Since they know that militarism produces “blowback,” they probably are doing this deliberately, since it directly benefits them.