We can devise smart strategies to protect local communities from real estate developers’ abuses, etc.

Local communities in many parts of our nation — including the Olympia WA area where I live — are being hurt in several ways by real estate developers and other entities that cut down trees and build on lands that should not be built upon (including areas with toxic waste buried underground, areas on dangerous slopes, and so forth).  Those wealthy financial entities have corrupted local governments to let them do that.  In some cases they even are allowed to avoid having to pay taxes that they should be paying — and are subsidized in various ways by local governments and existing taxpayers.  The real estate developers’ costs are “externalized” onto existing taxpayers.

We need to organize against those abuses.  We need economic “growth” to pay for itself.  Local people can organize if we clearly understand the problems — and why those problems have arisen — and why those problems are allowed to persist.  The model in the link below can help us understand these — AND DEVISE SOLUTIONS that we could organize.











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